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Current Solar Panel System Rebate Information

The table below shows the level of financial suport available from Solar Credits on solar PV systems in the major capital cities of Australia:

3.0 kW  System under the Solar Credit Scheme 
City  Number of Solar Credits Due 
Adelaide  $2,108 (62 STCs x $34) 
Brisbane  $2,108 (62 STCs x $34)
Canberra  $2,108 (62 STCs x $34) 
Darwin  $2,346 (69 STCs x $34) 
Hobart  $1,802 (53 STCs x $34) 
Melbourne  $1,802 (53 STCs x $34) 
Perth  $2,108 (62 STCs x $34)
Sydney  $2,108 (62 STCs x $34)

The above table is a guide only due to the fluctuating market prices. (Current as of 01/06/2013)
The number of certificates that can be created is dependant on type, size and location of your installation.

Please call 1800 1 76527 to find out what rebate you are entitled to

Source: Clean Energy Council

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